HVAC Maintenance

Summer’s Just Begun

Staying Cool Summer’s Just Begun! Preventative Maintenance Summer has just begun and already Kansas City is being hit with high temperatures and humidity throughout the region. This is a challenge that Joe’s Datacenter has had to face every year, which is why we have contracted monthly maintenance to the HVAC professionals at Holsinger Heating and […]

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Reinstall Changes

Reinstall Changes! Along with our remote reboot changes, we have also been rethinking how we handle reinstall requests. Our old system required customers to submit a ticket requesting a reinstall and a technician would reply asking for confirmation that data loss was okay. Now, all you need to do is click a few buttons within

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Scheduled Outage Has Begun

Scheduled Outage Has Begun MAINTENANCE COMPLETED 9/27/17 9:53AMPower has been restored. All servers should be powering back on now.If your service is still down after a few minutes, please let us know by submitting a ticket. UPDATE AS OF 9/27/17 9:30AMOur technicians and electricians are working as quickly as possible to restore services. We understand

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