MSP Accelerator Program

Solution designed specifically for Managed Service Providers

Joe Morgan
"I am passionate about helping service providers grow their business."

What is Joe’s MAP Program

The MSP Accelerator Program

The MSP Accelerator program was designed for managed service providers of all sizes. Joe wanted a custom tailored solution that was hassle free, fully branded, and turnkey. Partners should have the ability to sell advanced solutions without purchasing expensive equipment, paying large setup fees, or committing to more than what they need. The billing methods should be flexible allowing service providers the ability to tailor their own packages, and still make great margins. As partners grow their business, they should be able to take advantage of aggressive volume discounts.

Core Program Features:

Cyber Protection and Cloud Services should be fully branded, and turn-key right out of the box.

Resellers should not pay setup fees or minumum commitments. Our program is profitable from day one.

As you grow your business aggressive volume discounts are built directly into the program.

How it works

Building the best solution

The technology landscape changes drastically every day. Between new emerging technology, sophisticated cyber threats, or even life altering pandemics. For the typical service provider it can be nearly impossible to choose between an extensive amount of solutions while trying to balance product features, setup and configuration, product training, difficult pricing models, and integration into existing systems.

After a lengthy review process we were unable to find solutions that would meet our core program features of being fully branded, turn-key, and profitable from day one. Giving our partners the tools and discounts needed to grow was essential to making this all work.

So we decided we would build the solution ourselves. We took on the task of selecting the best possible software solutions that let us leverage our existing expertise and data center infrastructure. We put it all together as a reseller service and the MSP accelerator program was born.

How We add Value
Utilize our data center or on premise infrastructure for the best possible service and prices.
Leverage volume discounts from hand picked vendors.
Knowledgeable staff that pick up the phone when you call.
We are certified on each product we offer.
Our expert staff can guide you at every stage of deployment.
We can help brand and integrate into existing website and systems.
We can help setup a billing/ticket system for full deployment automation.

Products in the MAP Program

Cloud Computing:

Deliver high scalability and performance with hyperconverged infrastructure that simplifies management, and keeps costs low.

Data Protection:

For modern MSPs, the integrated approach to cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint management found in our Cyber Protect Cloud means less complexity, fewer incidents, greater productivity, and happier clients.

A single, integrated cyber protection solution empowers your MSP business with enhanced protection, improved SLAs, and streamlined management.

Focus on your business and customers
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Custom-designed data center with a small business focus.

Joe’s Datacenter, LLC, has been providing affordable data center services since 2008. We own and operate our own facility, which is located at 1325 Tracy Avenue in downtown Kansas City, Missouri with branch locations in New York and California.

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