Staying Cool

Summer's Just Begun!

Joe's Datacenter Building
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Preventative Maintenance

Summer has just begun and already Kansas City is being hit with high temperatures and humidity throughout the region. This is a challenge that Joe’s Datacenter has had to face every year, which is why we have contracted monthly maintenance to the HVAC professionals at Holsinger Heating and Cooling. We have found that the key to keeping things running smooth is preventative maintenance year round. We get the outside coils cleaned monthly and the indoor air filters changed quarterly.

HVAC Maintenance
Joe Morgan getting his hands dirty

Work Smarter

In addition to our normal maintenance, we have also invented our own cleaning solution, which allows us to quickly spray down the coils, leaving it free of debris or anything that might reduce efficiency.  We modified a sprayer that was designed to attach to a pressure washer and clean the underside of a vehicle. We made sure the pressure was just right to reach the coils without doing any damage.

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