Your Gigabit Connection


Regardless of what hosting option you choose we provide a gigabit connection through our diverse multi-homed network and have backup power from our battery powered UPS and diesel generator.

Joe's Datacenter Building
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Kansas City Data Center

Data Center Services

 Joe’s Datacenter selected its downtown Kansas City business location because of its excellent variety of bandwidth providers and reliable power grids. We own and operate our own building and equipment. Our focus is to provide reliable and affordable data center services to small and medium sized companies. We offer un-managed services which include co-location, dedicated, and VPS servers. We pride ourselves in fast and friendly support and a diverse selection of options that serve all your hosting needs.

Cloud Services

Highly Reliable

Cloud Virtual Private Servers

VPS is a great options for those that need scale-ability and high reliability. Deployed in our Public cloud for high availability but sold as a single VPS for ease of use and deployment.

Unleash The Internet

Public Cloud

Deliver high scalability and performance with hyperconverged infrastructure. You pay for the hourly usage billed monthly and can deploy as many VM’s as you need.

Secure Infrastructure

Private Cloud

You pay for the hardware monthly and can deploy as many VM’s as you need. Hyperconverged infrastructure that simplifies management, and keeps costs low.

Data Center Services

Dedicated Server

Bare Metal Servers

A Bare Metal, also known as Dedicated Server, is a physical server dedicated to the resources of a single user. Dedicated servers offer complete customization and the benefit of power, security, and storage.

Bring your own Server


Place your equipment in our data center. This allows you to use our staff, racks, power, bandwidth and cooling systems to make sure that your server is running as efficiently as possible. Colocation services are unmanaged and affordable.

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