Data Center Infrastructure

Overview of Data Center Critical Infrastructure

Joe's Datacenter Building
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99.9% or Better Network Up-Time

Bandwidth Providers

We currently have multiple bandwidth providers that ride multiple fiber connections into the data center to terminate into our equipment.

12 Peering Locations

Open Peering

Joe’s Datacenter is willing to peer (IPv4 and IPv6) with any network connected to any of the exchange locations we have in common.

High Performance Standards

Computer Room Cooling

We use Liebert ACs for sensitive electronics in our data center because environmental control is more than simple cooling.

Power Infrastructure

Providing Reliable Power

Joe’s Datacenter is powered by Evergy utility company. In addition, we have two diesel generator backups. Joe’s Datacenter UPS’s combine numerous technology advances and innovations to create a power system that combines high performance, compact size, reliability and cost-efficiency.


Facility Protections

We strive to ensure that the data center is secure and safe for customers and employees through surveillance and strict entry protocols. These cameras are spread out through the colocation data center, dedicated data center and outside. Be sure to check out our Live Webcam page to view what’s currently going on in the DC.

Looking Glass

If you want to get more information about how our backend works, check out our Looking Glass!

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