Boost WordPress Performance

Next-gen WordPress platform built for hosting providers

The future of WordPress

No serious WordPress site belongs on shared hosting

Traditional shared hosting cannot deliver the performance and scalability your customers need. It’s harder to manage, too. Web designers have been building websites on new standards and cutting edge technology while hosting on outdated hosting systems built over 20 years ago. The performance of shared hosting does not meet the needs of a modern website. With our new Application platform built specifically for WordPress you get scalability, performance and efficiency gains.

Make WordPress more scalable

•Automatic vertical scaling
•Automatic horizontal scaling
•Automatic clustering

Boost WordPress performance

•Better page load times
•More requests per second
•Deliver a better customer

Make WordPress
more efficient

•20x faster deployment
•10x faster daily operations
•Easier to support: consumes
less resource too

Fits any size

WordPress PaaS

Joe’s Application Platform for WordPress is a DevOps platform dedicated to WordPress hosting specifically. It offers a number of prepackaged topologies of varying complexity (from single-container solutions to clusters and synchronized multi-region instances), which covers all the range of use cases (from small testing installation to the enterprise-level clusters).

Below, you can find a list of all the WordPress topologies available on the platform:

  • Standalone – a single-container solution with NGINX
  • Standalone Pro – a single-container solution with LiteSpeed
  • WooCommerce – a single-container solution with NGINX and WooCommerce plugin
  • WooCommerce Pro – a single-container solution with LiteSpeed and WooCommerce plugin
  • Cluster – a clustered solution based on LiteSpeed and MariaDB Galera
  • WooCommerce Cluster – a clustered solution based on LiteSpeed, MariaDB Galera, and WooCommerce plugin​
  • Multi-Region Standalone – the Standalone Pro package deployed and synchronized between different regions

Elastic hosting for WordPress

Platform Benefits

Joe’s Application Platform for WordPress provides numerous features that can significantly enhance your WordPress development and hosting experience:

  • automatic WordPress instance installation with multiple preconfigured topologies
  • robust dashboard with numerous environment and node management options; some features you may like:
    • built-in file manager
    • Web SSH client
    • built-in statistics monitoring and configurable load alerts
    • powerful API for automation and scripting
    • flexible account collaboration
    • ensured account safety with two-factor authentication
  • automated backup and restore processes
  • the true pay-per-use pricing model

Drive new business opportunities and sales

Help your customers modernize their applications.

  • Accelerates their development process
  • Meets end-user needs for critical applications
  • Simplifies development of flexible applications by
    leveraging icroservces and APIs
  • Enables the move from mono-cloud to multi-cloud
  • Reduces their maintenance efforts

Build a better hosting infrastructure

Help your business modernize its infrastructure

  • Accelerates your go-to-market
  • Provides an advantage over traditional
    hosting competitors
  • Enables you to offer multi-cloud solutions
  • Reduces your maintenance efforts

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