Scheduled Maintenance Has Been Completed

Joe’s Datacenter’s scheduled maintenance has been successfully completed! We were able to successfully perform the needed upgrades to the UPS and UPS electrical systems in addition to making the repairs needed on this equipment.

We were able to start powering the majority of equipment online at around 9:00 am central however some equipment was offline a little longer due to a bad PDU and a failed management card in one of the switches. Both of those issues have been resolved and the last of the servers should be coming online now. Our techs are actively watching for systems that are still offline and hooking up monitors to each one to check for errors.

If you have any problems with your service(s), or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance, please contact customer support by e-mailing [email protected].

We appreciate your patience during this work and welcome any feedback. Thank you for being a Joe’s DC customer.


Joe Morgan
Joe’s Datacenter, LLC
[email protected]

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