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Joe’s Datacenter, LLC has been providing affordable datacenter services since 2008. We own and operate our own facility which is located at 1325 Tracy Ave in downtown Kansas City, MO. From the ground up, we custom designed our datacenter with a small business focus.

Data Center Services

Joe's Datacenter provides three main data center services; Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Colocation.
Dedicated Servers provide unmanaged solutions at an affordable price. These servers are owned by the company and leased to customers.
Virtual Private Servers are another great options for those that do not need the power of a dedicated server or are on a very tight budget.
If you prefer hosting your own equipment, our colocation services are for you. Keep your budget in check and your server running great by leasing space in our data center.
Regardless of what hosting option you choose we provide a gigabit connection through our diverse multi-homed network and have backup power from our battery powered UPS and diesel generator.
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Dedicated Servers

Cheap Dedicated Servers that meet your budgetary and technical needs.


Virtual Private Servers

Our VPS packages are perfect for those on a low budget with low technical needs.

Colocation Racks Full Quarter Half

Server Colocation

Place your equipment in our data center for an efficient and cost-effective setup.

Our Datacenter

We specialize in providing affordable data center services.

From the ground up, we custom designed our data center with a small business focus. By doing this, we were able to take a minimalist approach to provide reliable services. We allow customers to lease a small amount of space of servers at a low cost. This creates an opportunity for many customers since our prices can fit within their budget, unlike most data center prices.

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Joe's Datacenter Building Sign
Joe's Datacenter Building
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The Joe’s Datacenter facility is located at 1325 Tracy Ave in downtown Kansas City, MO.

We moved to this location in October of 2013 because we were outgrowing our space in the Oak Tower.  This new location is well suited for datacenter use as it is located near fiber lines, has plenty of outdoor space for mechanical equipment, reliable power provided by KCP&L, and room for the business to grow for years to come.

This facility has 2 datacenters.  The first is only accessible to our employees and has equipment that is owned by the business.  There is a mixture of rack and tower servers that are sold as both dedicated and virtual private servers.  The second is accessible to our employees and our colocation customers.  The servers in this room are owned by our customers, so there is a mixture of server types in this room as well.  This datacenter also has multiple work benches, a computer station, a restroom and free wi-fi for customers on-site.  Both datacenters are built with hot and cold rows to provide better cooling.  We use temperature, humidity, and power probes to monitor all environmental aspects of the datacenter.

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Joe Morgan Joe Morgan
Founder & Owner of Joe’s Datacenter, LLC.

Joe oversees and deals with day to day business needs such as quality of products, sales, and future planning.

Seth McCauley Seth McCauley
Systems Administrator                               Seth is responsible for provisioning, installing, configuring, operating, and maintenance of both hardware and software infrastructure within the DC.
Darci Houk Darci Houk
Senior Executive Accounts Manager         Darci oversees client account management, billing, and network security. She applies her past experience to keep these business aspects running smoothly.


“Great data center with very reasonable prices. Our servers have been co-located here for 3+ years with zero problems and have always been met with quick, reliable and knowledgeable support staff. Thank you Joe!”

-Zach Nelson

“What a pleasure to work with everyone at Joe’s!! Thank you!”

-Basil Mogdalov

“Awesome Guys! More than 6 months with my server and all are amazing, the network speed and stability, 0 Downtimes and an fast and true 24/7 support.”

-Abby Fernando Sanchez

“Been with Joe’s for over 7 years and have never had any issues with them. I am a colocation customer, and at most places, that means beyond internet and power, you are on your own, but not at Joe’s. Recently, we ran into an issue while upgrading our server’s software. Joe went above and beyond to make sure we were back up and running by morning, even though he had no responsibility to help. I would highly recommend using Joe’s if you are looking for a place to colocate a server.”

-Jonathan Hollingshead

“I’m not sure why I haven’t written a review sooner. I have had multiple servers colocated with Joe and his team for about three years now. I have never had any problems and everyone is always quick to assist on any request. Stopping by the Datacenter to maintain hardware is always a pleasant experience as Joe and his team are very personable. The pricing is reasonable as well. I highly recommend Joe’s Datacenter.”

-D Hald

“Amazing value. Great network. Prompt, courteous staff. I have been using Joe’s Datacenter for a while now and they have provided me with excellent service time and time again. Highly recommended!”

-Reid Thomas

“I’ve been with JDC as a colo/dedicated/VPS customer for over 6 years. Every issue I’ve ever had has been promptly addressed and the value has been phenomenal. The network is a mix of budget providers with good peering. I get great speeds and ping times locally and cross-country. As a colo customer, data center access was controlled but still readily available. As a VPS customer, I experienced no resource contention or overselling on a small low-budget VM. As a dedicated customer, my hardware has been stable with excellent uptime, and at a price much lower than similar companies in Chicago or Dallas. Joe’s prices are consistently low and the service has been great.”

-Dan Clough

“Joe’s Datacenter is great. They may have had some problems in the past but don’t let that scare you, they are a great company with great people. We have a dedicated server and a colo hosted server and we are very very happy. Never had any downtime and support is very fast at responding most of the time, and they do have a phone number you can call. Also when we drove down to drop of the server the experience was very nice, they set everything up for us and even let us hook up a monitor to make sure everything booted up, the security was also impressive. Joe, the owner was there, on a Saturday afternoon, that left a very good taste in our mouth.”

-Dylan Thomas


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