Patmos Hosting completes acquisition of Joe’s Datacenter

Kansas City, MO – February 7, 2023

Patmos Hosting announces the acquisition of Joe’s Datacenter, a Kansas City mainstay operating a full-scale data service provider that has become known for excellent service to thousands of clients of all sizes worldwide for the past fifteen years. The acquisition was completed on January 13, 2023. Joe’s Datacenter brand will continue to operate as an addition to the Patmos family of brands with no interruption to existing clients’ service. All active Joe’s Datacenter clients can expect to receive additional communications in the coming days. 

“It’s all about verticalizing the infrastructure. The key to providing such strong service to our clients is in owning as much of the network as possible – not just the hardware, but the facility and the dirt underneath it. That enables us to provide truly uncancellable hosting for which we are seeing a greater demand as big tech tyranny intensifies. Our clients don’t want to wait to be silenced, and know that Patmos can provide them with everything and more that a big-box cloud provider can without the risk of censorship. Through this asset purchase, the Joe’s Datacenter building and infrastructure will serve to strengthen the already robust cloud infrastructure network for which Patmos has become known. ” says John Johnson, CEO of Patmos. 

The acquisition of Joe’s Datacenter bolsters Patmos’ ability to provide hosting, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and data center solutions without the requirement to build on top of other existing technology owned by third-party service providers. With teams in California and Denver, Patmos Hosting is happy to be planting a permanent flag in the Silicon Prairie of Kansas City and is in the process of moving an additional 10% of its workforce to the show me state. 

About Patmos

With big tech censorship on the rise, Patmos offers an alternative: freedom of speech as a service. With a robust global infrastructure, and cancel-resistant user policies, Patmos is competing in the cloud hosting space as the leading provider of cloud infrastructure to the growing parallel economy. 

Visit https://patmos.tech to learn more about Patmos. A PDF copy of the acquisition announcement is available by clicking here.

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