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We are committed to open peering.

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Open Peering

Peering Policy - AS19969

Open Peering Policy

Joe’s Datacenter, LLC (AS19969) is  committed to open peering.

We are willing to peer (IPv4 and IPv6) with any network connected to any of the exchange locations we have in common.

We have a completely open policy with the following best practice caveats:

  • Only Public AS numbers and public address prefix(es) (No RFC 1918 addresses)
  • Network Operations Center should be reachable
  • Notifications when possible for maintenance and outages
  • No static and/or default routes pointed at us

Connecting to KCIX in our Building:

We donate a network switch, rack space and power to provide the KCIX an extension location at our building. We even offer customers at our location free cross connects into the KCIX exchange. You must submit requests to connect with KCIX to them directly. Once you are a member they will provide you with the information to connect.

Current Peering Locations

AMS-IX Bay Area

Amdterdam Internet Exchange Bay Area

IPv6: 2001:504:3d:1:0:a501:9969:1
Peer with Public Route Server


Fremont Cabal Internet Exchange

IPv6: 2001:504:91::47
Peer with Public Route Server


Houston Internet Exchange

IPv6: 2001:504:9e::14
Peer with Public Route Server


Interconnection eXchange Denver

IPv6: 2001:504:91::47
Peer with Public Route Server


Kansas City Internet Exchange

IPv6: 2001:504:1B:1::10
Peer with Public Route Server


Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange

IPv6: 2001:504:27:0:0:4E01::1
Peer with Public Route Server


San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange

IPv6: 2001:504:30::ba01:9969:1
Peer with Public Route Server

SIX Seattle

Seattle Internet Exchange

IPv6: 2001:504:16::4e01
Peer with Public Route Server


Springfield Internet Exchange

IPv6: 2001:504:100::4
Peer with Public Route Server


St. Louis Internet Exchange

IPv4: Coming Soon
IPv6: Coming Soon
Peer with Public Route Server Coming Soon


Deutscher Commercial IX – New York

IPv6: 2001:504:36::4e01:0:1
Peer with Public Route Server

DE-CIX Frankfurt

Deutscher Commercial IX – Germany

IPv6: 2001:7f8::4e01:0:1
Peer with Public Route Server

How to Peer

Peer With Joe's

Let us know how to configure the peer session. We have an open peering policy. Just send us the details, and we will configure the session on our end. Once completed, we will e-mail you the details. You can also send peering inquiries or requests to peering [at]

Peer List

Recent Peer List

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NeighbourASN StateDescriptionRoutes Received

Want to Learn More?

Peering is two networks connecting and exchanging traffic. This is useful for directly exchanging customer traffic between two organizations without going through an intermediary network.

  • Lower Cost than IP Transit
  • Increased Redundancy
  • Better Routing / Lower Latency
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