Network Overview

We currently have multiple bandwidth providers that ride multiple fiber connections into the data center to terminate into our equipment.

By utilizing multiple edge and distribution switches we are able to maintain 99.9% or better network up-time. We have recently upgraded the backbone of our network to utilize redundant fiber paths to all switches and replaced older equipment so we can provide IPv6 service to our customers. We keep spare replacement parts on site for all network equipment and we backup switch configs every night. New upgrades to the edge network allow for 10GB ports and larger IPv4 and IPv6 BGP tables from our providers. We utilize 10GB ports with all our providers.

Dedicated Server Room Network Cat-5e

Bandwidth Connections

  • Dedicated Fiber Ring through Kansas City, MO
    • Fiber was Trenched Underground (no aerial fiber)
    • Dark Fiber for Future Expansion
  • Cogent Communications
    • 10Gig Ports
    • Native IPv4 and IPv6
    • Redundant BGP Sessions from different Edge Routers
  • Hurricane Electric
    • 10Gig Ports
    • Native IPv4 and IPv6
    • Redundant BGP Sessions from different Edge Routers
  • Unite Private Networks
    • Enters our building via a completely different fiber path than any other connection
    • Allows us to connect to two different buildings in downtown KC
    • Customers can obtain service through Unite
  • Zayo Group
    • Customers can obtain service through Zayo
  • Time Warner Cable/Spectrum
  • Kansas City Internet Exchange (KCIX)
    • Advertising all Routes into the Peer Server
    • Peer directly with Hurricane Electric IPv4 an IPv6
  • Noction – Intelligent Routing Platform
    • Improve Overall BGP Performance
    • Reroute Congestion and Outages
    • Reduce Latency and Packet Loss
Networking Switch

Security Suite (DDOS Protection)

  • Stops your service from being affected by other customers getting DDOS attacks
  • Automatic notifications with sample traffic if your service is being DDOS attacked
  • Prevents large DDOS attacks from causing unwanted bandwidth overages
  • Automatically null-routes only the targeted IP upstream with our providers


  • Load balanced and redundant connections between switches and providers
  • Redundant management cards and power supplies in each switch
  • On-site replacement parts for all equipment
  • Gigabit ports to all customer machines
  • 10Gb network ports between our internal equipment


  • We have off-site network ping tests and technicians get paged with the notifications.
  • Monitors on the wall of the NOC display live network statistics such as a live network weather map, graphs showing Mbps, PPS, Switch health, DC temperature monitors and more.
  • We have threshold monitoring for early alerts before a problem affects a service.

Looking Glass

Our looking glass page offers customers a way to preview our network. On this page you can ping a test IP and download test files.

Network Peering

Joe's Datacenter peers with several networks in the Kansas City Area such as Cloudflare, Google Fiber KC, Hurricane Electric, and the Kansas City Internet Exchange.