Cheap Dedicated Servers and Our Recent Updates!

Cheap Dedi Offerings

Inventory can now be seen real-time!

With the introduction of our new billing system, we have been and will be adding many new features and enhancements.  One of these features is seen on our Dedicated Server page.  As you browse this page, you will notice that every single server that is in our available inventory is listed on this page.  This is a great upgrade for you, as you can now buy servers that fit your needs in respect to both price and equipment specifications.

New configurations will be added daily!

Our NOC technicians have been focusing on configuring servers in ways that offer unique and desired specs.  We want to make sure we are offering as many configurations of a server as possible, and we have added a few to our Dedicated Server page in the past week!  These configurations are all different combinations of CPU type, RAM amount and storage space.  These configurations are all listed at the best price we can offer to fit your budget.

Reload Policy Changes!

We recently updated our policy on reloads.  Instead of offering one free reload per month, we now offer unlimited free reloads!

Port functionality!

You can now enable and disable your own ports! Check out our Knowledgebase article to learn how to enable this feature! We focus on offering a cheap solution for you and we hope that these new features provide you with a great experience with Joe’s Datacenter.

Be sure to check out our real-time inventory of cheap dedicated servers today!

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