Security is an important aspect of reliable datacenters. Joe's Datacenter strives to ensure that the datacenter is secure and safe for customers and employees.
Security Cameras in Colocation Datacenter
Joe's Datacenter Building Cameras
Security Cameras


One way that Joe's Data center ensures security is through the use of security cameras. Throughout Joe's Data center there are 16 security cameras. These cameras are spread out through the colocation data center, dedicated data center and outside.

These cameras allow you to see the datacenter too! Be sure to check out our Live Webcam page to view what’s currently going on in the DC.


Obtaining entrance to the data center is not a simple task. All doors are locked at all times of the day, and employees must use restricted access control mechanisms to enter. Colocation customers are granted on-site access in order to install and work on equipment. To enter the colocation data center, customers must submit a request before coming on-site. Once on-site customers can ring the door buzzer and speak to a data center employee. The employee will ID Check the visitor, verify they are an authorized contact and have them sign in. Once the customer has been lead inside the data center, they are only given access to their equipment. All of the colocation cabinets are locked and customers cannot enter the dedicated server or vps portion of the data center.

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