Power Overview

All equipment in our data center is supplied by reliable KCP&L utility power, on-site diesel generator, and battery backup UPS.

KCP&L is an award-winning utility when it comes to reliability. Unfortunately, we can’t predict when disturbances caused by electrical storms, equipment failures and accidents may occur. To mitigate this risk, we provide a Liebert UPS and batteries for short-duration anomalies, plus a standby diesel generator for long-term outages.

Power Equipment

Power Redundancy

  • Liebert and Vertiv UPS
    • Proven as one of the most durable UPS in the industry
    • Regular testing and battery replacement
    • Remote monitoring from our NOC
    • All network equipment A&B fed from multiple UPS systems
  • Diesel Generator
    • On-site storage of diesel fuel
    • Automatic start and transfer during utility outage
    • Regular load testing and maintenance
    • Remote monitoring from our NOC