Acronis #cyberfit summit 2021

Joe Launches MSP Accelerator Program at Acronis Summit

offering Turnkey solutions

Designed for MSPs

The team at Joe’s Datacenter are still energized after attending the Acronis #CyberFit Summit in Miami this past week. As a sponsor and exhibitor, the week was full of opportunities for connection and meaningful conversations among the best in the industry. Our team was most excited about the launch of Joe’s MSP Accelerator Program, that has been designed with the needs of Managed Service Providers in mind.

Joe at Acronis booth
Joe with Acronis CEO
Joe with the Chief Executive Officer of Acronis Patrick Pulvermueller

sell advanced solutions

For MSPs of All Sizes


Created for MSPs of all sizes, Joe wanted to create a custom tailored solution that is hassle free, fully branded, and turnkey. This will allow providers to sell advanced solutions without having to purchase expensive equipment, paying a large setup fee, or committing to more than what they need. For more information on this program, schedule a meeting with Joe and he can walk you through the specifics and answer any questions that might not be found on his website.

The Power of hosting ecosystems

Profit Up, Churn Down


On Monday, October 25, 2021, Joe participated in the forum “Profit Up, Churn Down: The Power of Hosting Ecosystems”. Joe says, “As technology has advanced and grown, there has been this kind of shift in the industry where everything has gotten more complex and harder to manage. So partnerships with companies like Acronis and Virtuozzo, gives us the ability to still offer that full feature set, from the ground up, which is necessary for a small MSP, our typical client is a small business. We are a datacenter and we are in the same datacenter world, but our focus is different. We are primarily an enterprise. We are (focused on) small, medium size businesses, MSPs, and so putting all these things together in a single package using Acronis and Virtuozzo let’s us still be able to offer that full end solution, even as it’s gotten more and more complex as the industry has changed…and give a single management system for being able to do those management services that are necessary for an effective hosting solution.”

Joe Acronis Panel 1
Featured speakers include Patrick Dolan, Manny DeJesus, and Brian Hazzard
Joe Acronis Panel 2

cloud computing models grow in dominance

The Server Closet is Dead, Long Live the Server Closet


Tuesday Joe participated in another panel discussion, titled “The Server Closet is Dead/Long Live the Server Closet: Discuss!”, where he joined Phil Goodwin, Alex Zinin, and Ann Cloyd in discussion. Acronis reports that as cloud computing models grow in dominance, 80% of corporate data centers are projected to be phased out by 2025. 


Joe starts the panel responding to questions of its title saying, “So I think there has been this narrative that everything’s going hyperscale and everything’s going to the cloud, and the date for when that is going to happen just keeps getting pushed further and further out but what we actually see is that there is more and more demand underneath all the time that doesn’t quite fit the everything in a cloud model. So I would say that no, the server closet definitely isn’t dead. And whether that be the on premise, actually physically in a closet, or whether they’ve got local equipment, or whether those are the workloads that do need to be distributed for whatever reason, that in fact, is probably an even bigger market than they said because the market has opened up to where now there’s technologies underneath that can support these workloads for small customers that didn’t even fit inside the statistic before. They got overlooked because all of the solutions were built for enterprise. And so suddenly now there’s solutions to smaller MSPs where they can deliver the same type of products and so we’re finding out that no, that server closet, however you want to define it, is alive and well and growing very rapidly.”

MSPs, your time has come!

The Alternative Cloud


Before the conference Joe filmed an online segment with David Klauser of Virtuozzo titled “The Alternative Cloud: MSPs, Your Time Has Come!” It can be seen in its entirety below.

More Pictures From The Event

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