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March 23, 2017

Cheap Dedicated Servers & Our Recent Updates!

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Cheap Dedi Offerings

Inventory can now be seen real-time!

With the introduction of our new billing system, we have been and will be adding many new features and enhancements.  One of these features is seen on our Dedicated Server page.  As you browse this page, you will notice that every single server that is in our available inventory is listed on this page.  This is a great upgrade for you, as you can now buy servers that fit your needs in respect to both price and equipment specifications.

configurations, cheap

New configurations will be added daily!

Our NOC technicians have been focusing on configuring servers in ways that offer unique and desired specs.  We want to make sure we are offering as many configurations of a server as possible, and we have added a few to our Dedicated Server page in the past week!  These configurations are all different combinations of CPU type, RAM amount and storage space.  These configurations are all listed at the best price we can offer to fit your budget.

Reload Policy Changes!

We recently updated our policy on reloads.  Instead of offering one free reload per month, we now offer unlimited free reloads!

We focus on offering a cheap solution for you and we hope that these new features provide you with a great experience with Joe’s Datacenter.

Be sure to check out our real-time inventory of cheap dedicated servers today!

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January 17, 2017

New Billing System!

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Screenshot of new billing system

UPDATE 2/28/17-

Our new billing system has been successfully launched.  We are currently working out a few things with customers, and as soon as we are finished with that we will be updating the order forms on our website. If you would like to place an order before then, head on over to

All customers should be able to log in to the new system at this point.  If you are having any issues, be sure to reach out to us at [email protected] so that we can help you get logged in.

UPDATE 2/25/17-

In preparation for the new billing system we have temporarily stopped new orders.  During the next 24 hours our homepage will be integrated with the new billing system at which time the order forms will be updated and made available again.

Just a reminder if you cannot log into the billing/support system on the 26th, call us at 877-JOE-DATA or 816-326-0040.  You can also send an email to [email protected] from an authorized contact with any questions you may have.

UPDATE 2/21/17-

We will be launching the new system on February 26th.  Be on the look out for an email with information on how to log in.  Don’t forget that if you pay by credit card, you will need to update this information once you log in.

If you need support on the 26th, call us at 877-JOE-DATA or 816-326-0040.  You can also send an email to [email protected] from an authorized contact with any questions you may have.

Happy New Year!

We here at Joe’s Datacenter are excited and ready to celebrate the New Year with you! With that in mind, we want to inform you of an exciting new upgrade to our billing and support site that is happening toward the end of February. There will be some changes that require your attention so please read the following info and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Billing/Support Usernames Will Change

The new system uses your e-mail address as your username. You will receive another e-mail in the coming weeks with detailed instructions on how you will reset your password and log in.

  • You will need to Re-enter your Credit Card Information

Because of the way, we securely store customer credit card information, we will not be able to move existing stored credit card data into the new system. Customers with credit card auto-billing will need to re-enter their credit card information.


  • Enhanced Security Practices

          1. Two Factor Authentication

This option adds an additional layer of security by introducing a second step to your login. It takes something you know (i.e.: your password), and adds a second factor, typically something you physically have (such as your phone). Since both are required to log in, in the event an attacker obtains your password the two-factor authentication would stop them from accessing your account.

           2. Offsite Credit Card Storage

Using CIM to tokenize and store your sensitive credit card information on servers better safe-guarding your sensitive data.

  • E-check Payment Option

When paying an invoice, you will now have an option to pay using your bank routing and checking account number.

  • Pro-rating will be Optional

We will no longer pro-rate new services to the 10th of the month. Customers who want all services invoiced on the same day will have an option to pro-rate but it will no longer be automatically done are system.

  • Advanced PayPal Subscription handling

We can now cancel PayPal subscriptions directly within the billing/ticket system. This will help prevent erroneous payments on services that have already been canceled. The new system is also aware of invoice due dates, and will not allow subscriptions to be created that would pay after the monthly due date.

  • Enhanced Order/Upgrade Process

Along with upgrading the overall look and feel, customers will now have a real-time look into our current inventory. You will be able to purchase pre-configured services which will reduce setup times and allow for a wider range of server offerings. This will also bring us one step closer to fully automatic provisioning of our server offerings which we expect to have later this year.

  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Web-based administration means that you can logon and manage your billing & support enquiries from anywhere in the world.

  • Enhanced Support/Ticket System Management

          1. Automatic Ticket Escalation

This helps us with better customer and admin notifications so tickets are not sitting for a long period with no active.

          2. Network Status

This tool gives you a dedicated page to view current & scheduled network maintenance or upgrades.

          3. Integrated Knowledge Base

This allows us to provide answers to common questions and topics that are right from within the Support/Ticket system.

Upcoming Features

  • Customer RDNS Management Interface
  • Customer IP Address Manager
  • Faster New Order Deployment Times
  • Automated Reloads and Server Diagnostics


As always, we’re committed to supporting our customers and working together as trusted partners. If you have any questions about the migration, please feel free to submit a ticket and one of our technicians will assist you.

Thank you again for choosing Joe’s Datacenter!


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October 29, 2015

Georgiy Slobodenyuk

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Have been hosting with Joes more than a year. Really awesome pricing for colocation, awesome new datacenter, very low downtimes. Would recommend.

Thank you guys!

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October 29, 2015

Chad Adamson

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Reliable and fast network. Awesome customer service! Joe is hands on with his business and I can tell he takes great pride in what he does.

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October 28, 2015

Joe’s Datacenter Virtual Tour

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Tour our facility right from your computer!

Tour our building before making the decision to become our customer via our virtual tours.  We are located at 1325 Tracy Ave in Kansas City, MO. We chose this building because of its excellent selection of bandwidth providers and redundant power grids. We have built out two main facilities: DC1- all of our internal dedicated servers & virtual servers and DC2- customer access and colocation.

Before gaining access into the facility you must have a keycard/pin access and biometrics and keys to get through the steel doors plus deadbolts. Each entrance to the data center and throughout the inside of the facility are multiple security cameras. Also, in the Colocation DC there is a security camera on every row. All of our security cameras record and are remotely monitored. Check out our- live datacenter camera.

Datacenter 1 – Dedicated

Datacenter 2 – Colocation

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