Joe’s Datacenter Tour

Joe’s Datacenter is located on the top floor of the Oak Tower building in downtown Kansas City. We selected this building because of its excellent selection of bandwidth providers and redundant power grids. We have built out two main facilities on the 26th floor. We have a third facility on the 27th floor that is currently in the process of being built out. The first datacenter is the original “Joe’s Datacenter” and is now used for our internal dedicated servers, VPS servers, and cloud storage. The second datacenter has been built for customer access and customer colocation.

Before getting into the facility you must have keycard/pin access, biometrics and keys to get through the steel door’s and deadbolts. Each entrance to the data center has multiple cameras. These cameras record and are remotely monitored. If you want check out the live datacenter camera.

Datacenter 1 – Dedicated Server Tour

Datacenter 2 – Colocation Server Tour