Joe’s Datacenter

Joe’s Datacenter is located in downtown Kansas City, MO.  We selected this location because of its excellent variety of bandwidth providers and reliable power grids.  We own and operate our own building and equipment. Our focus is to provide reliable and affordable data center services to small and medium sized companies.

Check our Datacenter Virtual Tour below- for a view of our floor plan and as well as a virtual tour of our Datacenter.  Also be sure to check out some great views of Kansas City, MO.

If you are local or are interested in Colocation in Kansas City check our website out and e-mail us at

Datacenter Features

Datacenter Virtual Tour

Joe’s Datacenter is located at 1325 Tracy Ave in downtown Kansas City.

Datacenter Network Overview

Utilizing multiple edge and distribution switches we are able to maintain 99.9% or better network up-time.

Joe’s Recent News & Info

Current Datacenter news and also tips and tools for all your Datacenter needs.

Views of Kansas City

One of the benefits of our Datacenter’s location is its wonderful views.


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Watch the Live Datacenter Camera

You can see a live web cam of Joe’s Datacenter.